So, how is YouTube working out for you? 

It can be great, but it's not getting you there right? 
YouTube can't give you assessment, encouragement, feedback, support, help building confidence, help with gigs, or tailored personal practice schedules. 
So sometimes, if you really want to get ahead, you need some one to one help... 

It’s all about finding the right teacher.  I'm a music coach specialising in teaching acoustic singer/guitarists and those who need a helping hand to 'get their act together' to build confidence and prepare to perform live, but complete beginners are welcome too. 
Thanks to my (far too many) years of playing and teaching experience you can quickly learn to play and/or sing, build your confidence, get guidance to perform, record, etc… 

I established Rhythm Shack in Leigh on Sea in 2009, and have been teaching both guitar and singing full time since 2010. I have personally taught 100's of students over 100's of hours and developed my own 'song based method' in which you primarily work only on songs you like and as each song presents new challenges you deal with them in a real and meaningful way (rather than a load of theory that is frustrating as you are not ready to apply it). I am currently putting all this information onto video and creating a whole series of online courses aimed at guitarists, singers, those who want to do both... 

  People come to Rhythm Shack for; 

* Guitar lessons 
* Singing lessons 
* Learning to sing AND play 
* Confidence building 
* A supportive and fun environment
* Learning and practicing resources 
* Preparation for Live Performance 

All of the above are currently being developed as online courses.

Check out my Bare Bones - Acoustic Kickstarter course for beginners  HERE