Singing lessons can seem quite intimidating until you’ve tried them. 
Actually, my lessons are quite relaxed and despite turning up anxious the first time, most people leave feeling pretty good about it all! 
Most people who come to singing lessons really enjoy them and get good results quite quickly. It’s not as hard as you might think to see real improvement in a short space of time. It’s one of those things you just have to try... 
If you've looked up singing lessons on YouTube you'll know that the technical aspects of singing can be an incredibly anatomical and complex subject, and as such can be a bit off putting. At Rhythm Shack I try to keep it straight forward and accessible. After all, you probably also want to learn guitar, and possibly songwriting too. So you need something manageable that works fast, something appropriate to what you're trying achieve (presumably not being an opera star), and an approach that helps your confidence as well as your technique. We do not try to create vocal acrobats or soul divas here. We are not slavishly following the techniques used for classical or musical theatre singing (although many areas will crossover). I teach singing for rock, pop, folk, blues, etc, using techniques that I have found work for most people most of the time. Unless you do something very wrong, your singing voice will improve. Usually quite significantly. Some of the improvements will happen very quickly, some take longer as you develop musculature and new habits, whilst ditching bad ones. Singing is really not that difficult (although sometimes it may not seem that way), you just need some guidance, some appraisal, some support, and some exercises to build up your voice. And the good news is singing involves a fair amount of breathing, relaxing and confidence building that will make you feel pretty darn good.